08 February 2008

My Silent Cry for 'Pinas

I am not that socially aware these days. I never had an idea bout social issues concerning the country. I even ask myself at times if am really a Filipino in the truest sense. Personally, I am not the super duper concerned Filipino citizen in terms of keeping track on what's happening to the government in the realm of politics. I may not be much aware of the issues especially the ZTE Deal controversy that's been the top most subject in newspapers and in news televisions these days but I am very much engrossed into digging facts concerning how Filipinos have suffered in the economy we have right now despite the low peso-dollar exchange rate. We still succumb to poverty. At least, I get to eat 3x a day but what about those living in the streets and in slum areas. Commodity prices are still high. The price of the gasoline is high. I can't even buy something to eat at P10 pesos. The cost of each "pandesal" is also getting high. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I am just wondering when can we ever get rid of these realities that our country has been facing right now. (sigh!)

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Precious said...

you are not alone. Mas lalo lang tayong malulungkot at maybe madidismaya pag nakatutok tayo masyado. Hanggang wish nalang that someday, Phil economy will get better. But hanggat nandyan ang corruption at selfishness...ahahayyyyy...walang mangyayari. God bless the Philippines.