20 February 2008

My Random Thoughts Today :)

--> I was almost late for work today. Woke up and rushed to the bathroom at 5:49AM and work starts @ 7:00AM.

--> Was almost pissed off by a colleague today. The person discreetly had faults but who am I to reprimand and to correct the fault?

--> Whoa! Another subordinate was acting superiorly. His voice was so irritating that I got inside a room where I couldn't hear his tell-tale stories. Geez! He got such loud voice. Wa sya naulaw!:)

--> I feel guilty for a certain reason. It's for me to know this reason. :)

--> I secretly ate 3 slices of cake. What an appetite?!?

--> Even with my full stomach, I still gave in to a friend's request to eat @ McDonald's after work. Again, what an appetite? (shame on me, lol)

--> I committed a mistake. Got a wrong assessment/information relayed to the resident on duty about a patient's condition. I thought he's having a seizure. He just got so dizzy that he couldn't stand still and almost collapsed. Good thing, ROD is nice. :)

--> Because I was feeling so tired, I slept while on my ride home. Embarrassing cos I banged my head a couple of times at the back of the driver's seat (lol!)

--> I have witnessed a couple who's in the courtship stage. Guy's voice was loud enough to be heard. Take note, it took place inside the jeepney. :)

--> Am flattered, hahaha! Some trainees thought that I am just 26 years old (I wish.)

--> Now? Am thinking how can I make the most of my blog. :) Anybody who could help me out? :)

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hello from Speedcat!

You sound very busy and very hungry :) - just like me really. I did have two days off (Mon-Tues) ... THAT was nice. Back to the grindstone today. I do not like my job at all, and plan to change as soon as possible. Something I enjoy would be nice, even if this means less pay.

How to make the most of your blog?? Share your talent with us! I like this post because it tells me something about you. It is easier to stop at a blog when you feel like you know the writer.
My blog is goofy - usually, like me, then a serious post will pop up, again ... JUST LIKE ME! :)

ps ... I get excited when someone thinks I am in my 30's (wink)

Happy week, and stop in again sometime.

Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"