05 February 2008

My Heart Getting Squeezed!

I am working in an institution where I get to deal with people from all walks of life. As front liners, we get to witness how the sick and their families try to battle off their ailments plus the financial matters it will cost them. Got my heart squeezed with the encounter I had with somebody who's on the process of recovering from a blood-related illness. This not-so-old man in his almost dirty clothes wanted to go home in an instant without doctors ordering that he could go home. Because he did insist (and who are we to detain him there), I informed his resident physician and even presented his latest laboratory result. In short, he's been granted to go home against medical advice. Now came this heart-squeezing moment. He got his not-so-high-for-average-people bill and sighed. I asked him if he could pay it so he could be sent home earlier and he said he's gonna try to pay that amount (when all I could see was only hundred peso bill drawn out from his pocket). Because he's been wanting to go home, he can't keep still in bed and keeps on scratching his head. He still manages to show off a simple smile though. Because I don't like him paying that 4 digit amount in his hospital bill (when he deserves to be like those paying discounted amounts or even some who's been freed from all the charges), I suggested he stay and sleep there for the night so he could have his bill discounted the next day when the Social Worker's Office opens early morning. To make him feel comfortable, I constantly checked on him from time to time and asked his son to always stay with his father. I just hope he's home now safe and free from those financial worries he has on mind. Having an encounter with him makes me think that if only I can be of help financially, if and only if am earning much and got plenty of money that makes me among those famous rich people in the world, I'd be happy to extend help and pay his bill instead. (sighing!) But it makes me feel a whole lot better knowing that at least I was able to help him the best way I can.

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