20 February 2008

My Current BLAHS!

I haven't written for like two (2) days ago. Missed it, whew!:) Well, I was feeling quite sad the other day cos I had a dialog over some "issues" with my mom. I do not consider it as a hearty conversation though cos it took place over the phone and besides I was becoming too sentimental and I could not help those tears falling from my eyes. Life can sometimes be cruel so they say and you seem to ask why these stuffs are happening. Hmm, part of that so-called LIFE! However, I'm trying to be strong. I'm not gonna let this feeling instilled in me cos I am still looking ahead for a more brighter future. Still have tightened my grip unto God who always knows what's best for me. On the lighter side, I'm glad I got the chance to get at least a day off from work yesterday. I spent the day running errands and just surf the internet after. Also had the time watching movies via HBO. Hmp! I didn't get to watch current Philippine issues on television. I don't wanna hear those debates and further news regarding that ZTE controversy. It just pisses me off. Now, I am just praying for a miracle to happen in this country cos I don't think that the government system will be transformed overnight. Hmm..enough of my current Blah,blahs.. :) Gotta eat dinner now. :)

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