17 February 2008

How My Saturday Goes

I was up early yesterday cos I was among the preceptors in a basic Intravenous Seminar. Well, the organizers were aware of my off day and that's how I got that simple note slipped in my DTR. Supposedly, I wouldn't have to wake up so early and I would have ignored the invitation but I realized that it's gonna be an additional learning experience for me. Besides, I'd be meeting colleagues again aside from that honorarium that will be given to us. To make the story short, I myself enjoyed the activity cos I got to enhance my skills more in the same way as they did. The activity only lasted till 12:00 noon. After the seminar, I got Ma'am Chim with me and I visited a relative who was confined in the institution where I am working. We chatted for a while then I visited my workplace. We spent time again chatting until it was time for me to go and meet Melody, a friend I haven't met for sometime. As expected, we chatted all afternoon, filling in the stories each have missed. Since we both love singing, we spent the remaining hours just singing our hearts out. :) At least, I had myself relaxed after a tiring week at work. :)

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