04 February 2008

Got Rejected at PPP ;)

Funny cos after all the excitement of wanting to take part in the moneymaking venture online, I immediately enrolled this blog to PayPerPost (lol!) And look what I got? Got rejected for not complying with the minimum requirements. I forget what Janus had told me on how should my blog be qualified. As soon as I got the email stating that my blog was rejected, I reviewed the minimum requirements again. I realized that this new blog hasn't reached the 90 days old qualification, and one more thing, I haven't reached at least 20 posts so I could be able to qualify. Really funny! :) I hope I'd be able to send this blog again ( I hope I won't be forgetful by the time it reaches 90 days) for approval. In the meantime, I got this PayPerPost (PPP) tools and have them in my site. Should anyone get interested in either reviewing my post or becoming a member of PayPerPost, just click on those PPP badges in my site and yes, you too can earn while having fun just like many other bloggers do. :)

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