14 February 2008

Ey Cupid! Could You Help Me Sleep?

As what I have said in my previous blog, I got a graveyard shift. We welcomed Valentines Day @ around midnight, just like welcoming New Year's Eve. I even greeted those who were awake a Happy Valentines Day. Despite my hands being engaged to a lot of paperworks, my mouth never stopped talking. Funny cos my co-worker seem to get away from me cos he badly needed some sleep. I was left alone singing along with the music aired over the radio. With all my non-stop hand and mouth works, it does mean one thing - I've neither gotten any sleep, nor a nap. For that reason, I tried to finish work as fast as I could so I can be home early. Truthfully, I was home before 8:30 this morning. Switched this PC on and logged in to my Imeem and began listening to my OPM 70s, 80s and 90s playlist. After I hit the bathroom for my morning routine, I immediately lie on bed, put on those headphones and began to close my eyes. Well I tried to put myself to sleep but I just can't. It's now two hours since I was home and yet I haven't slept at all. I tried covering my head with a pillow but it's still not working. I plan of consuming a warm milk but I remember that my dyspepsia keeps on pestering me since last night and milk is a big contraindication. Now am thinking that it must be those two sachets of coffee that I got to consume which leaves me still wide awake till now. Waaaahhh, could you help me out Mr. Cupid? I mean it's Valentines Day, could you help me shut my eyes off now and give me a sound sleep for like at least a few hours? I am begging. I prefer to sleep rather than having a Valentine date for this matter. So help me now Mr. Cupid.

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