18 February 2008

An Encounter with An Old Woman

I was having my grocery at the supermarket yesterday tagging my niece along with me. I just got the necessary things for our week-long consumption. After getting the right grocery items, we headed to the counter to pay. As expected, plenty was in line on each counter waiting to be served and I was the last person in the counter where I chose. While waiting, I browsed on some magazine covers without noticing an old woman in her 70s slipped her basket discreetly infront of my cart. As far as I can remember, I was following a lady on her mid-20s with only two grocery items on hand and here's this old woman now trying to get her turn after that girl. I was surprised seeing her there. I was supposed to confront her cos all had spent time falling in line but thinking that she's old (and we should respect the elders), I don't wanna play the mean girl here. But certainly, I'd be more considerate enough should she have asked me a favor of getting served first ahead of me. :)

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