28 February 2008

A Day Out with my Niece

I spent my Sunday with my favorite kid in the world, my darling niece. I bought school stuffs for her, of course courtesy of my mom who sent money for her groceries. I treated her to a very satisfying meal and loitered inside the mall after having a sumptuous lunch. Just as I took the number card out of my pocket so I could claim our groceries and go home, she whispered and asked me if I still got money so we could play games @ Sonic Boom, an entertainment area for kids and those kids @ heart. Since I wanted to let her experience how it feels like to be in an entertainment plaza with kids her age, I agreed and allowed her to play. We bought plenty of tokens and she played. I even played some games myself. She was delighted with all the tickets we got from each game. Through her amazement, she used her tickets to redeem stuffs of her choice. I was more than happy seeing her delightful face knowing that she enjoyed every moment we had on that day. I did enjoy my time with her too! I am looking forward to more day-outs with her pretty soon. :)


Babette said...

Lucky niece! Swerte sya she has an aunt who dotes on her. :)

Marie said...

yeah bette..i just loved her that much!:) thanks for droppin.. :)