06 February 2008

Craving for More Sleep!

I was home at around 9:20 this morning from a graveyard shift and later I'd be having the same shift again. Meaning, I'd be home again from work tomorrow morning. Sheez! I haven't gotten enough sleep. I did sleep for like about four (4) hours today but the warm temperature's killing me up. Can't beat such warm weather we are experiencing right now. I never dared to get our electric fan though cos I was too lazy to stand and get it from another room. My work last night was like one of those normal graveyard shifts I had. The only difference was, I moved too slow and was a bit pissed off by something. Thank God cos I still was able to finish on time. I checked out from work a bit late though cos I still chatted with friends from work. Well, be resting in a while now so I could still recharge more of myself for my upcoming shift later. Till then.

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Rolly said...

Musta, salamat sa pag-agi sa ako balay. Nice meeting you. Thanks.