27 January 2008

Just A Thought . . .

While preparing for work yesterday, my eyes were glued on watching Willy Revillame's 47th birthday celebration on a certain ABS-CBN noon time show. What brought me teary-eyed were the birthday greetings of these non-famous people via VTR whose lives were being touched by the birthday celebrant himself. Despite the things said against this noon time show host, he also has this brighter side in him. He has extended a whole lot of help to people from all walks of life especially the needy. In fact, he even made friends with these people whom talents where discovered because of his show. There's "Uling", there's "Pooh". He even became an instant "ninong" to a housemaid who once became a contestant in his show. Those were only a few of the heart-warming stories I knew. See how he has touched some lives? I am not getting paid on what am blogging here but I am just stressing on how a simple man like him could have been such a big help to fellow Filipinos. How about you? What about us? Have we done our share to make this world a better place to live in? It actually crossed my mind just now and NOW am giving much thought on this matter.

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