28 January 2008

What It Takes To Care For The Sick

To some, becoming a giver of care to patients in the hospital offers a very promising career and could give one a luxurious life. But hey, they just don't know what it takes to become like us, to become a caregiver of those fighting for their lives. I mean, it is no joke to be dealing with lives and it really is a serious matter once you get to deal with these ill patients. I could personally say that this profession I am in is among the most noble professions on earth and one of the most tiring to engage into. We do not have fixed duty schedules just like the 8am-5pm working hours of those working in the offices. Continuity of care is very important to patients that's why we just don't mind working on graveyard shifts and it's all part of our profession. I could just imagine when the rest of the world prepares to sleep at 11pm and yet it's gonna be my first hour of my 11pm-7am shift. Apart from that, we do not only care for the sick themselves. We also take into consideration their significant others who are with them during the time of their confinement. I am pretty sure one can relate as to how a significant other feels when people closest to them gets sick. As front liners to patients, we try to answer every queries they have including all their demands, their wanting to see their doctors and the most inevitable nags, scolds, and yells when their needs are unmet right away. See how much patience we have invest and put them all together as our shield? Thank God really for that lengthened patience bestowed upon us. As the middle man between patients and doctors, we also got to face doctors. Good thing we have nice and accomodating doctors though there are some who can be as mad as a tiger especially when their patients happened to be in critical situations. Hmm, that's when patience strikes again. And ops! I forgot, co-workers can sometimes drive you mad too and yes, patience is still the key to prevent trouble and still ensure a harmonious working relationship. On the brighter side, all hardships and tiring moments do vanish when you know that patients have recovered from their illnesses, when they got discharged in fair condition and the most soothing feeling is when they sincerely say "Thank You" for all the care that you gave them. Personally, it takes one sincere "Thank You" to be able to cast away all the exhaustions and worries that we are facing at work.

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