21 January 2008

My Blogspot site!:)

I have always wanted to write of about anything. Like I said in my previous blogs on a certain site, I am not a born writer in as much as I do not aspire to become one. I just love to write stuffs that comes in line with my way of thinking and I do not expect people to recognize me neither for doing this. It is just my way of expressing my thoughts to a topic that interests me. Such passion to write has driven me to come up with blog write-ups that blossomed like 2 or 3 years ago in a certain blog site. With the interest to continuously write, I thought of coming up with another site. Hence, my becoming a member here @ Blogsite. However, I'd still be writing blogs @ FS cos I owed everything to that site. I hope I'd be able to update this from time to time. Here's a link to my other site should you want to take a peek of what's in there: www.vmarie.blogs.friendster.com


Keith said...

Thanx for the link. I enjoyed your friendster blog..... I do my blogging here in California. I have never been as far south as Davao, but I do hope one day tpo see the Philippine eagle fly with my own eyes.

Keith said...

Marie, keep writing.... here, there, anywhere. I hope you fdropo by my site from time to time.... just to say hello. Keep smiling