29 January 2008

A Little Boy's Story ( A Repost)

(NOTE: This is a repost of the one I made last year at a Friendster Blogsite. Just wanna share it with you).

It was in August 2007 when I get to know him. He's someone unforgettable because of the cute little smile carved in his face. Everytime I come near him, he would get to show off that smile and that "congo" look in his face. I also found him a jolly kid that it's not really difficult to deal with him. It was for these reasons that he became among my favorites.

However, it's not really his destiny to live longer coz he's suffering from a terminal illness common in children. I saw him fought for life. He still managed to show off a little smile though but during the time that he got so ill, the smile was replaced by a marked pain in his face. I saw him deteriorating day by day with persistent fever til blood trickled from his gums and nose until finally when he engaged into frequent swallowing which warranted that active bleeding was taking place. Can't afford to check on him on that stage. The next day I was no longer surprised when he was brought to the Pediatrics ICU for close monitoring. I didn't even bother to check on him there coz I wasnt used to seeing him in that stage. After a few days of getting confined in that specialized unit, I was surprised with the news that he died. "kakatindig balahibo!" There was an instant pain that I felt inside but I couldn't cry coz I was holding back my tears. When I got to see his parents who were then crying, can't help but cry too. I expressed my condolences and extended my comfort to the bereaved couple for losing their lovechild. Deep in me, I was praying for the repose of his soul. Partly, we all were happy for his death. At least he wont be suffering much longer from his terminal ailment.

To Poohding, you will always be remembered coz you have marked memories in our hearts.

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Keith said...

I never worked that close to disease or death. My mother worked in medicine for twenty years. It does something wonderful to a person's soul when they can face these moments with all one's humanness, and all one's dignity intact. Still, it does not stop the hurt that comes from getting that close to suffering. I thank you for such an honest post.