01 February 2008

Bearing with Criticisms

(This is a repost of the blog I made in November 2006. I like this one that's why am sharing it now)


Nobody’s perfect. Even the world we’re living in isn’t. We are not destined to live lives in a perfect world. But we are all entitled to place our lives and our world a perfect one for us despite its imperfections.

I was born with a lot of things to be proud of. I was embraced into the awareness of a wonderful world, with loving "segullahs", otherwise known as my precious significant others around. In order for me to be fully human, I was also exposed to a lot of people . I entered schooling, got jobs, formed friendships and even accomplished things I never dreamed of having. My interpersonal and social skills are developed. However, I also got bumped to a lot of criticisms I never knew I could get. I know they are pieces of puzzle in our lives, but hell yah, some criticisms are too way below the belt.

When I was a kid, I was criticized for being such a shy fellow. I can't even recite poems infront of the class because of nervousness. However, because of my parents' persistent manners of wanting me to get involved into school activities and also my mentors' trust in me, I gradually learned to at least take part in school plays and was always appointed to lead prayers for the whole student population during flag ceremonies.

Now came the part of my becoming somebody in this part of the world. I got jobs. I went to a nursing school. I got my license. I passed exams. I serve the people. And yet, criticisms are getting worst. There was even one time that the person I had an argument with told me that I looked like a dog. And another recent one who also made a laughing mark about me which was way too obvious because I heard it. Of course, I felt bad. How could such persons attacked me, defying my personality. And who gave them the right to just pull me down. They're not even friends because I just knew them. And there are a lot more criticisms said against me that created a scar deep down inside.

However, even if criticisms surround my world, I don't wanna fight back. I won't take revenge. I just have to live my life the way it is going to be lived. I wanna live life to the fullest. I wanna take criticisms as challenges to make me much stronger and braver enough to face the world and make my life greater for as long as I live, because it is believed that the greatest revenge is being able to live a wonderful, meaningful and a contented life.

Thanks critics for all the destructive criticisms.

(taken from my November 2006 Archive @ www.vmarie.blogs.friendster.com)

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Keith said...

Marie, anything you can to envelop such a wonderfulo set of thoughts should be praised. It is wonderful you get to share all this. I am pleased i get to read it