29 January 2008

16 hours straight duty?Not that bad though..

When I finally got the job that I want, that of working in a tertiary hospital, I didn't give a full grasp of what was stated in the contract. All I was feeling then was happiness that after months of waiting, I would be beginning my journey to serve and become a part of the workforce in one of the most famous health care facilities in the country. When I got home, I read the signed contract over and over again and my eyes were caught to that item stating of an employee's willingness to go on a 16-hour duty shift should there be an unavoidable circumstance that requires one to do so. I just let that thought slipped away though half of me had thoughts whether I can survive should I be required to go on a 16-hour duty. Well, I was being put to test yesterday. I agreed to go on a 16-hour duty to accommodate a friend's favor. It wasn't bad though but really it gives me a feeling of much exhaustion. I'm just glad that I got a smooth-sailing duty. The people I got to deal with seems to be cooperative though there's one who tends to pissed me off. And my most precious reward after this duty?I'd be having a 3 days off from work. At least I can give time for myself and perhaps get a good rest too! :)

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